Day 3: Beautiful Phuket Calling

We had the full day at Phuket and we had a choice between Phi Phi Islands and Phang Nga Bay. We went with the latter. The trip organised by Costa was very well arranged and provisioned.

Tip 1: There are many beautiful places in and around Phuket. We had chosen the Costa-organised Phang Nga Bay trip because it seemed hassle-free and we are glad we did. If you are going to Phang Nga bay, carry some polythene bags with you if you are carrying a bigger lens. They give waterproof bags while going into the bay but they are standard size and may not have enough room if you carry your video cams along with your camera and lenses.

Tip 2: Also carry some small change in bank notes. After the canoe trip into the bay, you may want to tip the canoe guides.

Tip 3: Do consider carrying sunglasses, sunscreen SPF>50, loose clothes (skimpier the better; clothes will get wet). No need to carry water.

A brief about the bay:

Phang Nga Bay (Thai: อ่าวพังงา, RTGS: Ao Phang-nga, Thai pronunciation: [ʔàːw pʰaŋ.ŋaː]) is a 400 km² bay in the Andaman Sea between the island of Phuket and the mainland of the Malay peninsula of southern Thailand. Since 1981, an extensive section of the bay has been protected as the Ao Phang Nga National Park. The Park is situated in Phang Nga Province, at 08°17’N 098°36’E. Limestone cliffs with caves, collapsed cave systems and archaeological sites are found about Phang Nga Bay. Some 10,000 years ago, when sea levels were lower, one could walk from Phuket and Krabi.

Enuff said! Some shots from our boat taking us to the Bay:

The Andaman sea was playing pranks …some places one gets to see deep blue and some places algae green…the colours of the sea and the bay were breathtakingly beautiful even in the harsh sun

I had read in school about the stalactites and the stalagmites and had never seen them myself.

The boat which took us to the bay to explore the caves had boarding on the first floor. The floor below had canoes to be used to explore the caves. One doesn’t have to row. There are people who row the canoes.

An eerie atmosphere surrounded the bay. And when it mingled with the beauty around, it was sheer bliss.

The canoes took us to a small beach. The whites there are NOT sand only. They are replete with very small sharp shell pieces with limestone rocks. They cut into skin.

After the canoe trip, lunch was served on the boat. Costa Atlantica staff had taken care of the visa. The Costa Atlantica passenger identification card was enough.

Once we were back on the ship, a brilliant show awaited us again. It was called “Visions in Motion”. Some shots from the show as follows:

A day like this… I can only pray god to bless everyone.

Day 4: In the next blog.

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