Day 2: We did lots of swimming and Jacuzzi through the day. (Doing a Jacuzzi sounds funny. Pun is intended!)

Tip: There is a place called Squok Club for kids. It serves as a brilliant free crèche if parents want to enjoy the cruise just by themselves. The creative activities like cake decoration, puzzle games, sketching, etc form the second most memorable element in my daughter’s mind. And because of this, many parents want to drop their kids there. So, there is always a big queue. Do go 15 mins early to beat the queue.

We just lazed around on the deck. In the vast expanse of water, a small fishing boat about to enter a screen of torrential rain was breath-taking.


After a lazy day, the evening had in store Captain’s cocktail and a show which I am glad I didn’t miss. The show was called “Solid Gold”. Some shots from the show:







Since we were spoilt for choice, we did what we did best. Eat. Actually, gorge. On food.

Personal thought: Any choice is always by elimination: even a choice by selection is a veiled choice by elimination.

For the food, programs, and fun, it was choice by elimination. A day well spent.


Day 3: In the next blog