Sometime back, when I was browsing through the portals on photography in Bangalore, I came across a shot of the UB Towers, taken by Vinayak Das. He is a noted photog based in Bangalore and keeps travelling around.

In fact, the UB towers, built to match the Empire State Building, is a travesty. And, he had made a very ordinary looking building look great. Somewhere inside, I wanted to better that shot, why I don’t know. My attempts started…I found out that the best time to make this building pretty would be an evening. And finally, I made this:
The Fountainhead

Let me tell u the trick and the process…use the advice at your own risk:
This place is the 4th floor of the UB towers. When u enter, the security would ask u abt where u want to go. Say- Rajdhani. This is the restaurant in the 4th floor of the to building near the UB main tower. Go up the MLCP to the second floor. Park. Climb up the stairs or the lift to go to the 4th floor. There u would see the fountains…Photography is not allowed since this is a private property…but wait for some one to click a few shots from their PnS.The purple lights in the top of the towers don’t light up all the time. Wait for the same. Then, u discreetly set up the cam and the glasses. When the security comes in, say u want to shoot the children with the fountains…he would resist…say that u would like to request the supervisor. He would radio his supervisor. Supervisor takes around seven minutes to reach because he would have to come from the top floor of the UB city towers where they have the security NOC. Now shoot for seven minutes. Scoot before he reaches the scene, if u have a canon or switch the Card which shows only the fountains. If u have a Nikon, hide the UB towers photos. Only fountains are allowed. Have ur family along with u to build up a sympathy story Other methods from my side have failed. One more point: if u are Bong or Bihari, it may help because the guards are from Bengal or Bihar. Use a Wide angle because anything above 130 mm wouldn’t be able to accomodate the building as a whole. u can also see the Vidhana Soudha from here…but be careful.

While attempting this strategy, I also made a set of the fountains…

An finally a Collage:
Colours of a beautiful evening

I had a great evening that day. Hope u too liked my escapade 😉